Pastor Fred D. Madden, Sr.  

Pastor Fred D. Madden, Sr., Is a native of Covert, Michigan. I was born to James and Almeda Madden, Sr., of South Haven, Michigan. I am the oldest child of my mother and second oldest of my father’s six children. On September 1, 2023, I celebrated 33 years of marriage with the love of my life, Robin Madden. Together we have been blessed with six beautiful children. The love for family allowed us to extend our parenting by adopting three grandchildren. Our joy of being grandparents plays a big part in our lives as we have over twenty-five grandchildren and nine great grandchildren. I come from a spirit-filled family that consists of many pastors, deacons, and professional gospel singers. I consider my late Grandfather, Fred D. Madden, and my father, James D. Madden, Sr., two of the most spiritual role models in my life!

My spiritual journey began in 2000 under Rev. Eddie C. Wright, St. Matthew Missionary Baptist Church. After joining, I became an active member. I became chairman of the Deacon Board and a member of the Male Chorus. I never thought I’d become a soloist or sing a duet, but I found out I could actually carry a tune. The male chorus would host programs that allowed standing room only.  St. Matthew’s memories will always remain with me.

My family and I joined Union Memorial A.M.E. Church on January 26, 2006, under the leadership of Dr. Michael C. Carson. It was then I surrendered my will to the Lord and accepted the call to ministry. I preached my trial sermon on April 10, 2012.

Under the Pastoral Care, guidance, and teaching of Dr. Michael Carson, I received emotional, social, and spiritual support. Pastor Mike’s leadership was above approach; he comforted the sick, shepherd his congregation, and encouraged the hurting. Pastor Mike was known all throughout the community. I am beyond grateful for the inspiration and leadership he provided; he is truly a man of God. In 2014, Pastor Dr. Michael C. Carson was giving another journey in his ministry and is still feeding his sheep. 

In 2014, I was blessed to serve under the first female Pastor assigned to Union Memorial A.M.E. Church. Pastor Minnie Autry was an inspiration and showed great leadership. She allowed me to continue my ministry unselfishly and put me to work. I appreciate her for constantly sowing the Word of God into my life. I am grateful for Pastor Autry’s support and being there.

I furthered my ministry under the African Methodist Episcopal Church Board of Examiners four years and was accredited with the following accomplishments: In 2012, I received my license to preach from Presiding Elder Dr. Norman V. Osborne. In, 2014 I became a Local Deacon under Presiding Bishop Reverend John R. Bryant and in 2016, I was blessed to become a Local Elder under Presiding Bishop John Franklin White.

August 21, 2020, I was honored to be appointed Pastor of Franklin A.M.E. Church, Niles, Michigan. On August 18, 2023, I was appointed to Pastor Union Memorial A.M.E. Church, which allowed me to return home.  I have been ministering for over eleven years on the gospel field for Jesus Christ!  

I love working with the young, the elderly, the “churched” and “unchurched” people, and all the people of God!  The young because they have so much to gain.  The elderly because they have so much to share.  The unchurched because their eternal destiny is at hand, and the churched because they are on the road traveling with the Lord.

I graduated from Covert Public Schools in 1974 and furthered my education at Lake Michigan College. I worked at Bohn Aluminum, Piston Plant, South Haven, Michigan, as a Lathe Technician for 24 years, until they closed in 1997. I then began employment in 1997, at Covert Public School, as Transportation Director for 21 years and retired August 1, 2018.

I followed my dreams and practiced martial arts for over 40 years. I am a 5th Degree Black Belt, “Godan.” I plan on testing for my 6th degree in the very near future. My hobbies and interests include golfing, grilling, and woodworking projects. I enjoy family time; relaxing, reading and learning whatever I can to share with others.

“I can do all things through Christ which strengthened me.” (Philippians 4:13)