Father God Almighty and everlasting Lord, bless those who may happen upon this website searching for encouragement during this horrible pandemic. Lord we seek You for comfort and peace while this crisis has disrupted our lives, caused suffering and sorrow as we have never seen before. But Lord our faith is not only being tested, but strengthen because we are coming together in Your name to help each other in so many ways, mostly through prayers. Lord, You are a God of compassion and mercy and we know that just as You comforted Your people in the Hebrew Bible You will and can do the same for us. There is no doubt about those who believe in You. So Father bless those on the frontlines, bless those receiving the care, the families praying and hoping for a miracle, bless O God and heal Your people. Please come heavenly Father, come and comfort Your people and bring us through this valley of despair in Jesus name we pray, amen!